We love partnering with our community to help our local veterans. We have found that many organizations want to support veterans, they just don't know how.


We offer a variety of ways to partner with organizations to provide veterans with a strong network of veterans and community partners. Check out some of the ways you can partner with Vetwork PDX below!


If you are interested in sponsoring an event with us, please visit the CONTACT page and send us a note.

We provide organizations a way to make valuable connections with local veterans. We put on our own networking events where organizations can sponsor the venue, food, and drinks. We also can bring the Vetwork PDX event to your place of business where you can network with transitioning veterans and veterans that are active in the Portland area business community. CONTACT US to sponsor an upcoming event.


If you are interested in partnering with our organization to support veterans in any way, even if it is not listed here,  please visit the CONTACT page and send us a note.

We partner with groups that share our values to put on joint networking events. The old adage that two heads are better than one applies to networks as well! We have found it incredibly beneficial to connect disparate networks at our partner events and are always looking for new organizations to work with. 

Additionally, we help promote events that serve veterans. We market other organization's events and encourage our community to attend. We have worked to promote networking, hiring, speaking, and a number of other events for veterans and their families. 

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