We believe that providing a vehicle for veterans to build strong connections with each other is the most effective way to serve those who have served our country. With each veteran that joins our group, the value we can provide veterans grows. We have been amazed and continue to be inspired by the members of our community and all the different ways they help their fellow service men and women. 


Whether you are a veteran who is transitioning, has already successfully transitioned, or are looking to help/mentor/employ other veterans Vetwork PDX is an enjoyable way to stay connected to your local military community. 

Visit our EVENTS page to see how you can begin connecting with other Portland area veterans and community partners.


"Vetwork provided an awesome community of peers that could relate to my background and understood the current job market in the Porland area. I’m grateful for the support Vetwork has provided me as I transitioned out of the military and into a new location and career."

—  Julia, USAF